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Kundalini Awakening


Kundalini Awakening (KA) is a transformative and unique form of energy transmission that facilitates the awakening of your Kundalini energy.

Distinct from traditional kundalini practices, KA focuses on the power of surrender rather than willful effort. In this relaxed state, participants experience their Kundalini energy safely and powerfully, fostering a deep connection with their inner self and an expansion of spiritual consciousness. 

During the KA sessions, spontaneous movements, cathartic releases, and profound personal insights are common, reflecting the significant rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system that occurs with ongoing practice.

KA offers a spiritual journey of profound healing, alignment with your true soul essence and expansion of your consciousness.


Kundalini Awakening


A Journey to Your True Self

Embark on a journey with Kundalini¬†Awakening (KA) ‚ÄĒ a transformative experience that is both powerful and enlivening. KA stands apart not just for the profound experience during sessions, but for the significant, positive shifts it brings to your life thereafter.


Alignment with Your Higher Self

KA aligns you with your true, higher self. It facilitates the release of energetic and emotional blockages, allowing you to break free from feeling stuck and reconnect with your true spirit nature. Our clients often report life-changing insights and realizations, heightened intuition, and enhanced clarity. They discover a newfound capacity to deeply feel and adeptly navigate life's challenges. This journey leads to reduced anxiety, a more open-hearted approach to life, blissful states, and experiences of non-dual states or oneness.


A Unique Energy Transmission

KA is distinct from classic Kundalini practices. It introduces a descending life force that enters from the crown and moves toward the root, eventually activating the Kundalini at the root chakras. This creates a powerful yet gradual awakening, often described as more natural and profound than any other experience.






KA Offerings

Group Session


Discover the power of connection in our Group KA Sessions. Join others on a shared journey of awakening, harnessing the collective energy of the group. Embrace this opportunity to connect, grow, and be uplifted by the energy of like-hearted people.


Private Session


Experience a journey tailored uniquely to you with our Private Sessions. This 1-1 sessions focuses solely on you, offering guidance and deeper exploration of your inner self. Ideal if you prefer a private and deeply personal experience.


Integration Coaching


This 1 hr personalized Integration Coaching helps you apply the insights from your sessions into everyday life. Transform your spiritual growth into actionable, life-enhancing changes, and deepen the understanding of your journey.


KA Session Experience

The Session Setup

During the Kundalini Awakening (KA) session, you'll be lying comfortably on a yoga mat, immersed in powerful vibrational music. The facilitators will work with your chakra and meridian points. You'll keep your eyes closed for the entire duration of the session, deeply relax, and embrace the unfolding experiences with open curiosity and a willingness to surrender without any expectations.


Variety of Experiences

The beauty of KA lies in its diverse range of experiences, which vary from person to person and session to session. Remember, this process is not about chasing a specific result or feeling, but about releasing expectations and attachments, and surrendering to the natural flow of the energy.


Types of Experiences You May Encounter:

  • ¬†Energetic Experiences:¬†You may feel energy moving through your body, which can manifest as sensations of heat, cold, or like elements such as water, fire, or wind.
  • ¬†Visual Experiences:¬†Activation of the third eye could lead to seeing images, lights, or even embarking on astral journeys.
  • ¬†Auditory Experiences:¬†You might hear buzzing sounds or notice changes in your hearing.
  • ¬†Emotional Experiences:¬†A range of emotions of variable depths can arise from, bliss¬†and joy to suppressed sadness and anger. It‚Äôs important to lean into the fullness of all of your natural feelings, allowing their expression for release and transcendence.
  • ¬†Kinesthetic Experiences:¬†Spontaneous movements, known as kriyas, might occur. Other movements can include yoga poses, stretching, shaking, or mudras. It's crucial to pay attention to your body's cues and not let the mind's judgment interfere.
  • Intuition:¬†Creative ideas, deep insights, inner knowings and epiphanies can arise.
  • Oneness:¬†You¬†may experience¬†bliss state, sensation of oneness, unity with Source Consciousness.

While you may experience profound realizations and epiphanies during the session, about 10% of participants might not feel anything immediately. However, they often report significant insights and changes afterwards. This highlights that the energy works in subtle ways, sometimes beyond immediate awareness.


The Key to a Fulfilling Experience

Surrender is crucial for a profound KA experience. Relax, stay present, and see this as an inner adventure. Embrace the energy and vibrations, allowing them to guide your experience. Remember, encountering the mind's chatter is normal; gently refocus on your experience whenever this happens.


In essence, everyone possesses this energy and sensitivity to it. The depth and intensity of the experience can grow with more KA sessions. Surrender and embrace this journey for the most enriching experience.


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