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Join our Cacao Ceremony and indulge in a soul-nourishing practice that traces its roots to ancient civilizations.

As you sip the rich elixir, crafted from pure indigenous cacao, journey within the sacred sanctuary of your own heart.

Connect deeply, awaken your divine wisdom, and feel the loving embrace of your soul.


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Join us for an extra special and extended Mayan Cacao Ceremony co-facilitated by Cacao Ceremonialists, Cris & Madalina, with special guest Shaman & Cacao Ceremonialist, Mauricio García Pineda
  • This will be an extra special extended Cacao ceremony in which we’ll sit in sacred circle to receive cacao food of the Gods to open our hearts and discover your deeper soul purpose.
  • We’ll invoke the Nahual, Mayan cosmology, to better understand & experience the cycles of nature and universe as they relate to our inner spirit to re-establish our inner harmony.
  • You’ll also receive a brief personalized Nahual reading, which represents your unique energy signature to better guide your purpose, lessons and illuminate your soul gift. 
  • We’ll have a fire ceremony to connect to sacred fire, which is the life of our spirit to awaken your own calling into manifestation.
  • We’ll also meditate on the rites of passage of your journey to heal the past, elevate the energy of the present and align with the future path of you soul.



Cacao Ceremony

Join us for a magical Cacao Ceremony, a soul nourishing ritual that dates back to ancient civilizations. Cacao, long revered as the food of the Gods, is a beautiful heart opener.

During the ceremony, we gather together in community to drink the rich elixir of pure indigenous Cacao. You’ll be guided in a blissful meditation to tune out of the outside world and tune in to your inner self. You’ll journey within the sacred sanctuary of your own Heart and deepen your sense of Presence.

The spirit (or medicine) of cacao aids in softening any layers of conditioning and stress that block us from our heart, allowing us to drop into the depth of our soul. In this sacred space, we activate the power of our Intuition and hear the whispers to our deepest answers, discovering the truth that resides deep within us.

The ceremony fosters a sense of unity and deep soulful connection with others, where masks and layers are shed in favor of vulnerability and authenticity. We open up to experience our true nature, celebrating gratitude and abundance. It’s an invitation to step into a realm where love is the medicine, where we can embrace our own wisdom and power, and where we can collectively nurture a more heart centered life.


Top 10 Benefits of Cacao

1. Opens Your Heart:  Cacao is a powerful heart opener, helps to dissolve away layers of conditioning and stresses that often stand in the way between us and our deepest selves. As you expand in the loving embrace of your heart, you connect with your Intuition and hear your higher guidance and inner Truth.
2. Enhances Your Meditation:  Experience profound presence and heightened states of consciousness with cacao as your guide, deepening your meditation journey.

3. Connection to Your Higher Self:  As you open your heart, you have a higher capacity to feel and embody your spiritual higher self. A deeper connection to your higher self grounds you into your innate Power, Resilience and Higher Purpose.

4. Improves Cardiovascular Health:  The high concentration of antioxidants produce vasodilation, which reduces blood pressure, increases HDL (the good cholesterol) and improves insulin resistance. All of these lower the risk of heart disease.

5. Natural Anti-Inflammatory:  Combat inflammation and aging with the potent antioxidants in cacao, safeguarding your body and promoting overall well-being.

6. Reduces stress and Anxiety:  With its high polyphenol content, cacao naturally lowers cortisol levels, detoxifies your body, and uplifts your spirit, offering a welcomed break from life's stresses.

7. Improves and Elevates Your Mood:  Cacao is a natural mood booster, releasing serotonin and anandamide – the bliss neurotransmitters – to lift your spirits and shift out of stressful emotions into heartfull ones.

8. Enhances Brain Function:  Flavanols in cacao enhance brain blood flow, sharpening focus, memory, and cognitive abilities. Essential minerals like magnesium and zinc further support brain health and may reduce the risk of neuro-inflammation and stroke.

9. Peace and Relaxation:  Find tranquility with cacao's calming properties, thanks to its polyphenols and magnesium, which relax your nervous system and invite a deeper sense of peace.

10. Creativity and Clarity:  Journey from mind to heart with cacao, unlocking your creative potential and receiving clear guidance as you align more closely with your heart's wisdom.

The Beauty of Ceremony


Ceremonies, especially with cacao, transcend mere rituals to become transformative experiences. They are sacred acts connecting us to the greater whole, bridging the tangible with the divine, and elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary.

At the core of cacao ceremonies is the ancient power of ritual. For millennia, cacao has been revered not just as an elixir but as a sacred means for connection and transformation. These ceremonies blend ancient traditions and personal reflection, where the sacred cacao opens hearts and forges unity with your higher self.

In these gatherings, we embrace a shared journey of introspection and empathy, reconnecting with the sacred heart language. Cacao ceremonies offer a slowing down from our fast-paced world, reminding us of the deep bonds of humanity and the joy of collective healing and connection.

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