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Unleash Your Heart: Self-Guided Program

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What you'll get:

  • 23+ x Video Trainings with Dr. Madalina & Cris ($690 Value)
  • 5 x Immersive Guided Meditations with Dr. Madalina & Cris ($200 Value)
  • Step-by-step daily exercises including mantras and journal prompts ($250 Value)
  • Bonus #1: 1 x Private Integration Coaching Call with Dr. Madalina & Cris ($250 Value)
  • Access to the exclusive Unleash Your Heart Facebook Group for discussions, support, and connecting with peers and the HeartQ team.
  • Lifetime access to all training videos and program material.


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What our heart-centered students say…

I particularly loved the guided meditations they walked us through, as well as the reflection exercises, with practical tools to lean onto in our daily lives, for staying heart-centered, balanced, joyful, and feeling replenished from the inside out. I experienced powerful deep intuitive insights and so much enjoyed the beautiful experience of connection to myself and everyone else present.


Cris and Madalina guided us gracefully through different meditations and exercises. It helped me gain insights into my patterns and taught me how to connect with my heart and intuition more consciously. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to live a more authentic and peaceful life.


The experience helped me to look at my life with more calm and love. The deep feeling of the heart’s presence was helpful to me to deal with what I have been mentally aware of for a long time. It was so helpful to distinguish between my ego thinking and the essential awareness as it helps in my further goals. I was able to have an enhanced understanding of parts of myself and lovingly accept them, being supported by Madalina and Cris so well. Thank you for the insights and the atmosphere in the workshop!


I am so grateful for the insights, shifts and inner transformation guided by Madalina and Cris, for creating this program that the world needs, and for forging this incredible community! This work takes practice and having like-minded, like-hearted people with whom to share the journey and the work empowers and uplifts us to be our brightest, best selves, enjoying our most wholehearted authentic lives. That’s what I want to model for my children and what I want for myself.


I experienced deep awareness of my own stresses, sources, and impact, and with the tools provided, I felt myself breaking out of unhealthy patterns. Their program is the missing link – it served as the path to open my heart and discover my authentic self. They created such a great environment for everyone to feel comfortable, be vulnerable, and deal with their own personal stress and patterns. Highly recommend to everyone who wants to evolve and shift!